Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gimp - A discovery!

I have been searching for a decent 'advanced' photo editor.
Photoshopz there.. but its not free :(. I have been using iPhoto, Graphic Converter and some 'simpler' image editors I got from iPhoto is good, but not gr8 as a photo-editor. Graphic Converter has lot of functionalities, but I used to get lost in the middle.

Recently only I discovered Gimp.
Its great!
Its good for 'advanced' photo editing, its not that complicated and above all its FREE!!!

But not everything with Gimp I like.
Gimp is a X-Windows application and it launches X11. Not very happy about it as I want to keep my Mac clean n fast.
The UI and controls are not superior to Photoshop(But again photoshop isn't free..)

Still, I am very happy with my discovery!

Get Gimp here.

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