Saturday, November 15, 2008

B & W Photography

Recently I have a feeling like.. I have not done enough justice to my hobby!!! (Villain is Laziness).. I personally feel the knowledge level I have in photography not in par with my experience!
So thought of spending some effort to refine my photographic skills..
Thought of restarting from basics..

Read some where that the best way to improve your photography (Composition mainly) is to switch to black & white photography.. The reason being the errors we make will be more noticeable ( Yeah thats true, Some times colors save you from some one saying aaaah! :) - With Exceptions).

Here is one of the outputs...

Nothing ground breaking. One simple image.
The subject is 'my Piano'.

The topic is Low DOF...
I have tried to keep the rule of 2/3s also...

EXIF Info: Exp 1/8,f/5.6,ISO 1000


Joise said...

cool snap....
would be better if you bring the focal point a bit more nearer. also would like to see the camera performance with the keys recovering from a keyhit. can you put in one such image from the same angle.

crazyClickz said...

Regarding the second part,
The photo was shot in the lamp light. For a shot like keys recovering from keyhit need more light. Either I need to do it outdoor or I need to use a stronger light. I am planning to put a photo for the high shutter speed also.

Regarding the focal length, Ideal piano shot should be with very less dof - with all keys visible. I wanted to do it with a lesser dof. Wanted blur in both direction. It was intentional.